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A Few more Parking Spaces secured: New Curo Roundabout

by on 30 September, 2016

IMG_1361I fully appreciate the disruption residents and businesses on the Bradford Road are experiencing with the Highways works, firstly to the junction of Foxhill with Bradford Road, and now the completion of the entrance Roundabout to the Mulberry Park Site.

This work is overseen by the Conservative Council Highways Team. I have raised  this issue and have been assured that within two weeks there will be relief from the hold ups and long tail backs on the Bradford Road. Hopefully the temporary traffic lights will have gone, and I will be monitoring the situation, and it does look like the roundabout works are progressing well.

Meanwhile I have met with the Scheme’s Highways Officer on site and asked that they check the lights timings and adjust in order to ease the traffic flow.
With regard to parking spaces outside the Forester and Flower to the west, there had been a plan under the previous Liberal Democrat Council to provide 10 spaces, which I had called for, and understood would happen.

However in recent days it seems this had been reversed. We received a plan from the Council Highways with no spaces allocated!

I firmly challenged this, and it has now been admitted that was not the correct plan. The next plan a few days ago had allocated 5 spaces and an unloading space for the Forester.

I met with the Council scheme Manager early on Tuesday 27th, Morning, and have argued for more spaces. I am aware that some residents along this stretch do not have access to parking behind their homes, as well as the needs for The Forester and Flower. I understand there is a problem with the width of the road in that it must allow two way traffic, which was the reasoning for reducing parking to 5.

However I have now been assured of just over 2 more spaces, following my discussions, so that means there will be a total of 7. Which is at least an improvement.

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