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Update on New Parking Spaces by Curo Roundabout

by on 24 October, 2016

Loading bay, and new parking spaces outside the Forester & Flower

Loading bay, and new parking spaces outside the Forester & Flower

All are relieved that the traffic lights and works on this Roundabout have now finished, and traffic is flowing well. This work, as with all the other road works in the City, and area, were being overseen and signed off by the Current Conservative Administration, and left a lot to be desired. Over the last number of weeks the City has experienced huge traffic problems, and poor management and leadership. This has affected the reliability of our buses too.

The Conservative Cabinet Member is now questioning the revised scheme I initiated  to permit a few more parking places outside the Forester and Flower, and along that side of the road, past the lane turning. In fact the lines have been installed. Several residents do not have car parking behind their homes, and the Pub benefits from parking here too.

I had flagged this up and got consent during the previous Lib Dem Administration for up to 10 spaces in the original plans.

However the Conservatives have gone back on this, and now are thinking of not signing this revised plan off!

I have lobbied hard, and I suspect that in fact they will sign it. This is  about what is good for the immediate neighbourhood, and the Highways Officers, and Safety Officers are in agreement with it. I will keep you posted. But it is annoying, as residents have been led to understand they will have these few more spaces, and this changeability by the  Conservatives is unfair.

I have also called,  together with residents, for double yellow lines on the east side of Foxhill, at the new junction, to stop vehicles parking there, which blocks the whole two lane new layout.

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