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Castle Farm Organics Licence Application Brings concern for Combe Down Residents

by on 17 January, 2017

img_1400Combe Down residents overlooking the unspoilt valley south of the city centre, have reacted angrily to Castle Farm Organics’ plan to increase its range of activities such as music events and film screenings while allowing the sale of alcohol up to midnight at weekends.
The application to extend their licensing conditions will come before the Licensing Committee on 16th February  for a decision.

I have objected to this, and believe if this is approved, it will have very real negative effects on the area. I have liaised with the Senior Licence Officer, and the Ward Councillor for the site (which is not in Combe Down) Cllr Neil Butters, and the Southstoke Parish Council, all of whom are against thisApplication.
The area includes a beautiful valley, and wonderful countryside, enjoyed by residents and visitors.
It would be entirely inappropriate to grant this application which would undoubtedly cause anti social noise disturbance, and light pollution, and general environmental harm.
The geography of the valley acts as an amplifier as far as sound is concerned, and entertanment, alcohol and festivities up to Late hours, is unacceptable In this countryside setting.
There are other venues such as local village pubs, which need the local custom in the area set up for late night alcohol purchases, but which are set in much more suitable places.

However we have a bit of a fight on, as Castle Farm already has a number of deregulated (by the Govt) Licence permissions to sell alcohol and put on various late night events. No doubt if this extension   Is refused, the Applicant will appeal. We will have to await the outcome.



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