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New Plans for “Sulis Down” will affect Combe Down

by Cherry Beath on 15 November, 2016

Some of you will know that the Hignett Family and Bloor Homes are showing new plans for a first Phase of 180 home on the site “Sulis Down”. They held a one day exhibition on the 1st November at St Gregory’s School. Below is a very good bulletin from SOBA (South of Bath Alliance with […]

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Update on New Parking Spaces by Curo Roundabout

by Cherry Beath on 24 October, 2016

All are relieved that the traffic lights and works on this Roundabout have now finished, and traffic is flowing well. This work, as with all the other road works in the City, and area, were being overseen and signed off by the Current Conservative Administration, and left a lot to be desired. Over the last […]

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A Few more Parking Spaces secured: New Curo Roundabout

by Cherry Beath on 30 September, 2016

I fully appreciate the disruption residents and businesses on the Bradford Road are experiencing with the Highways works, firstly to the junction of Foxhill with Bradford Road, and now the completion of the entrance Roundabout to the Mulberry Park Site. This work is overseen by the Conservative Council Highways Team. I have raised  this issue and […]

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First few street names selected for Mulberry Park

by Cherry Beath on 9 August, 2016

A number of residents and local groups sent in their suggestions to Curo and the Council on the choice of the first few principal street names. There had been a suggestion of Mulberry Avenue, and I did speak with a few local people who were concerned this could be confusing with “The Avenue” Combe Down, […]

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Cherry secures extra Combe Down Road Safety Signage

by Cherry Beath on 25 May, 2016

Cherry has discussed with the Highways Safety Officer the concerns voiced by residents to her about two crossing points in Combe Down. The first is, as you will have seen in an earlier post, the top end of Summer lane, where the Conservative Administration axed the lolly pop Patrol Officer, and replaced with some crossing […]

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First Review bus fares

by rogersymonds on 4 June, 2014

Following consultation on bus fares in Bath, First Group is taking a little time to decide which reductions in fares to implement.  90% of respondents to the survey said that they thought fares were too expensive. We are confident that there will be some reductions in fares, but we recognise that if the reductions are […]

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Bus Stop Improvements for Combe Down

by Cherry Beath on 14 April, 2014

We have continued to work to see improvements to our Bus Stops over the past two years, and we lobbied to save the half hour No I Service, which had been planned to be less frequent. We now have a new bus shelter in The Avenue, and improvements in Church Road, including the new shelter […]

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by Cherry Beath on 22 November, 2012

INformation here below from the Council re the danger of floods in the area. Let us know of any particular concerns in our area. The forecast is for bands of very heavy rain and strong winds to move across the Bath & North East Somerset area during the afternoon and evening. This is likely to […]

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Twenty Mile per Hour Speed limits begin in Bath

by Roger Symonds on 26 September, 2012

The first tranch in the two year plan to introduce 20 mph speed limits across the district has begun in Twerton and Southdown. As the speed limits are rolled out across the district residents will be consulted. With just a few exceptions, subject to consultation, all residential streets will have “signs only” speed limits.

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Next Phase of “20” Speed Limits Due to Start

by Cherry Beath on 19 August, 2011

The next phase of 20 mph speed limits is due to start, which means that almost all of Foxhill will be covered by a 20 mph speed limit. The eastern part of Hawthorn Grove, Down Avenue, Quantocks, Porlock Road, Sedgemoor Road, Exmoor Road, Oakhill Road and Drake Avenue if approved, will be completed by the […]

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